About Us

AirMason is an online tool that makes it easy for companies to get new hires up to speed quickly with an amazing employee handbook.

Companies are still struggling to build their employee handbook. There’s no solution out there so they end up re-hashing someone elses handbook or skipping the whole thing. This results in lost employee productivity.

New employees reach their full potential faster and are happier at work with handbooks. Companies spend less time paying for an employee to get up to speed, and have a more productive team.

Where we came from

AirMason was created in 2016 by founder Tehsin Bhayani. Tehsin started the employee handbook builder when he was looking to make an employee handbook for his digital agency. When he couldn’t find a solution, he decided to get to work building one. In early 2016 he launched a landing page and instantly saw people gravitating towards the product.

Where we are now

Since then, AirMason has helped hundreds of agencies, startups, restaurants, and others build the best handbooks out there. Using examples like the Valve handbook and other ground-breaking companies, the AirMason team has been able to bring top-notch employee handbook templates to small businesses across the globe.