AirMason exists to allow companies to give new hires a better first experience. AirMason Handbooks set the tone that the company really cares about it’s employees. We’re making life better for employees and solving a real problem for employers.

Companies use AirMason when a) it’s critical that new employees get up to speed on company policies / procedures quickly and fully, and b) it’s important to keep a great company culture.

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. We’re doing this by offering a suite of tools for employers. The first tool is AirMason Playbooks which sets the employee relationship off on the right foot.

If you're a tech startup that has a cool brand and that uses social media and talks about innovation. But if on a new hire's first day you hand them 15 different forms to fill out, your cool brand has just died.

The team at AirMason are working everyday to fix big problems, and we’d love for you to join us.

Open Positions

We are always looking for top talent. If you feel like you'd be a good fit, please shoot us an email at