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AirMason handbooks have the capability to accept legally-binding electronic signatures. Every time someone signs the handbook, we record the signature and create a copy of the exact handbook they signed and store it for your records. You can access these copies anytime. Currently, signatures are only enabled on digital handbooks.

Here's an example of a signature-enabled handbook

Enabling signatures

To enable signatures, simply log in to your editor and click 'Signatures' in the top left menu. From here, turn on the 'enable signatures' switch.

How to gather signatures

If you have signatures enabled, AirMason will automatically prompt everyone to sign the digital handbook with a notification bar at the top of the page. Visitors will click the 'Sign' button on the digital handbook and will be prompted to read the agreement, type their name (a legally binding 'signature') and click 'sign'.

I updated my handbook, can people re-sign?

If you make changes to the handbook and want employees to sign again, simply re-publish your handbook and request your employees sign the handbook again (via your messaging platform of choice). The handbook will realize that the employee has signed an old version and will prompt the employee to sign the new version.

Reviewing Signatures

To review all of the signatures related to a specific handbook, simply login to your editor, click the top left menu icon and click 'Signatures'. Here, you'll see a list of signatures - each with a name, date, and copy of the exact handbook content they signed for your records.

Custom Domains

Setting up custom domains on AirMason is 2 step process:

- Set your custom domain in your handbook settings. Settings can be accessed in the top left menu while editing your handbook.
- Add a CNAME record in your hosts DNS settings. More on this below:

Adding a CNAME record

Go to your domain registrar or website host and navigate to the DNS records page. Here, you'll need to add a new record:

Host: (you can change this to be anything you like, for example
Value (associate to):

Adding a Section Title

To add a section title, bring your mouse between two section boxes in the left sidebar in the editor. You'll see a 'Add Title' button appear. Click this and choose the section title.

Changing Section Backgrounds

To change a sections background color or image, hover over the section box in the sidebar and a pencil 'edit' button will appear. Click that and you'll be given the options to edit the sections background.